4 Reasons Why You Should Use an Attorney to Draft your Legal Agreements

Everyone wants to save money. But do you want to run the risk of costing yourself and/or your business more money in the long run with hastily crafted documents that are not legally sound? Here are some reasons why you might consider having an attorney review and/or draft your legal agreements.

Reason No. 1
You may end up bound to terms that you don’t want. Without fully understanding the laws that may affect your business you may inadvertently not include terms in your agreement that are required by law. Many states have consumer protection laws that require businesses that perform door-to-door sales to have language concerning a three day right to cancel in its contracts. Don’t take the words “door to door” literally. If the contract is signed in a place that is other than the seller’s place of business, the door-to -door sales rule may apply. Other laws may have an affect on your legal obligations to your customers.

Reason No. 2
Online Legal Document Libraries may be enticing, but you may not understand the terms that you are putting in your document. It’s hard to know what goes in and what should be taken out when you are trying to customize a document to your needs without legal training. You are taking a chance that may have legal consequences if you don’t understand what you are doing.

Reason No. 3
You may not be creating a valid and enforceable agreement. The purpose of a contract is to memorialize the agreement of the parties in writing, so there is no confusion as to each party’s obligation under the contract. If the contract is not legally valid it is not enforceable. Accordingly you would not be able to use the contract in court to enforce your rights under it and it is useless. A contract attorney will know what terms are needed to protect your rights.

Reason No. 4
You may not be protecting your interests. Without being familiar with contract law, a contract drafted by a non-lawyer may not protect your interests at all, especially if you are unaware of what rights you may have. Laws may need to be interpreted in order to determine your rights. An experienced attorney can draft and negotiate contracts that will protect your interests and will be legally sound.

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